BTV: The Album Cometh

5 Alive Exclusive EP Album Release Is On The Horizon!

In this Behind The Vibes: 5 Alive is currently hard at work producing an EP for all of their fans. After their initial appearance on America’s Got Talent, the boys felt it extremely necessary to put together something very special for their new found followers. Burning the candle at both ends with long days and very late nights, they have been writing all of their own material to create a completely all-original album. With the help of their long time friend and producer Marcos Montoya, the album is really starting to take shape, and is slated to be ready for release by early August. The album is set to not only include Brand New Never Before Heard tracks, but also it will include previously released fan favorites like I Want My Stuff Back and Sex This ChristmasAt this time the album has no name, and there is no decision just yet on what the album will be called, but the boys are very excited for this release and can’t wait to hear what the 5 Alivers think about the new music. Once released the album will be available on iTunes, while there are no plans for a hard copy release at this time. For more Behind The Vibes news on the album, official release date, track information and more, keep it locked right here!


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  • Really excited for the album. I only ask for plans of hard copys! I’m a little old school when it comes to CD’s and like something i can hold and have signed ect! Love you guys!

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