Who We Are

Meet The Boys

     Was it not a simpler time when boybands roamed the earth? Or does nostalgia have a way of painting a prettier picture? Armed with cubic zirconia earrings, and frosted tips, boybands will always be a guilty pleasure. In modern, somewhat chaotic times like these, what the world needs is a new boyband. Meet 20th century’s newest and upcoming phenomenon, 5 Alive! A boyband like no other. If the New Kids On The Block went into the Backstreets of O-Town, they would feel the heat of 98 Degrees along with five teenage boys dressed like *NSYNC. That’s right, 5 Alive is the ’90s boyband revival meant to prove that a real boyband sings, dances, and wears matching outfits. Unabashed by the stereotype with unrelenting motivation, 5 Alive provides an important first foray into the wild world of hormones. 5 Alive’s music is irresistibly catchy, unapologetic, and licensed to make you dance. 5 Alive is specifically for those that truly appreciate the pure joy that pop songs bring to millions of people around the world. Not all boybands are created equal, but 5 Alive was created to change the world, and boybands will never be the same! 

Jordan Kelly

“The Heart-Throb”

A fitness enthusiast who teaches Zumba by day,
and strips by night for middle aged women.
His singing chops and chest make up
for his lack of intelligence.

TMZ reports he may have done soft-core porn.

Davie Boyd

“The Baby Face”

Standing 5 feet 2 inches high,
Napoleon has nothing on his ego.
A class clown that broke out of detention,
he spends his time being hyperactive and extra LIT!!.

TMZ reports he may be the lost son of Vanilla Ice.

Benny Boyd

“The Bad Boy”

Cousin to Davie and owner of the
“wrapping food truck”. He sells wraps and raps!
This smooth operator is a hustler
and the Latino heat of the group.

TMZ reports that he may be dating Tyra Banks.

Shannon Mirage

“The Diva”

Discovered singing Disney songs and
enrolled in cosmetology school.
He struggles to hide his flamboyant tendencies,
but his vocal abilities quiet the skeptics.

TMZ reports he may not be gay at all.

Garrett Howzer

“The Nice Guy”

This uber driver turned boybander
is the clueless Milli Vanilli singer.
In a group full of multicultural power,
thinks he’s standing up for minorities
as the under-represented white jew in the group.

TMZ reports that his microphone is never turned on.